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5 Things That Stop You Making Money From Doing What You Love

Updated: Dec 14, 2023


Dreamers, healers, creatives, and freedom seekers, in particular, tend to struggle with the idea that you can generate a healthy income from doing the things that you love. Let’s take a closer look at each demographic to see why this is so and then explore five things that stop you making money from doing what you love.

The Dreamer

Dreamers tend to be seen as poetic, impractical, and unrealistic in their expectations. The perception is that they sit around daydreaming of what they hope could be, rather than taking any practical action towards their goals.

There’s some truth in that. Dreams without action remain dreams. The goal then is to embrace your dreamer nature and couple it with action that gets results. But that is only possible when you look at all the ways you have brought into the dreamer paradigm.

The Healer

Anyone who describes themselves as a healer (even highly respected doctors) is rarely taken seriously by mainstream observers. How much more so then, for those who don’t heal others in traditional ways?

The very idea of being someone who can heal others in some way sounds grandiose, narcissistic, untruthful, and blasphemous. Therefore, the idea of being someone who can generate a healthy income from their healing abilities seems unrealistic at best and fraudulent at worst.

The Creative

There’s a different focus with creatives in the sense that we all know creative types who have found success in their field. Yet there is still an association with being a creative type that implies that it isn’t a realistic option to try and make money from your talents.

Yes, those who are at the top of their game, super-talented, and/or ruthless get to do this, but not your average creative. The average creative type is often told to go and get a real job and very often end up putting their dreams on the back burner.

The Freedom Seeker

Freedom seekers tend to be spiritual in their focus, even if they wouldn’t describe themselves that way. They want to get out of the rat race. They want to think for themselves, plough their own furrow and avoid being indoctrinated by societal customs and pressures.

Often this means they turn their back on activities that would generate income for fear of being polluted by ‘the system.’ They may avoid responsibilities and routine because the very word makes them feel stifled, or they may find it hard to stick at things because they go wherever their mind or heart leads them.

Does it have to be this way?

As we can see, each appears to face systemic obstacles to being able to make a living from doing the things you love to do. But does it have to be that way? Let’s look at five ways that dreamers, healers, creatives, and freedom seekers can shift their paradigms to begin to generate money (or more money) from doing the things you love.

1: Not Questioning Your Identity

Questioning your identity is imperative. If you have imposed or rigid ideas of what it means to be a dreamer, healer, creative or freedom seeker, then those ideas will limit you and curtail your efforts to make a change in your circumstances.

Be willing to put down your identity for a moment and observe it from afar. Identify yourself through brand new eyes. View yourself through a new lens.

· What potential can you see?

· What ideas would you allow to come to the forefront now that you wouldn’t have allowed before?

· What ideas that you’ve tried before can be shifted, altered in some way to become more effective?

· What fields of employment could you explore that you wouldn’t have explored before?

· What product or service could you create that you didn’t think you had the capacity to create before?

2: Not Looking At Your Limiting Beliefs Around Money

Time for a deep dive. If you don’t know yourself, then you can’t change yourself. If you’re going to generate a healthy and consistent income from doing what you love to do, then you need to know the thoughts and beliefs that are running you.

· What limiting beliefs do you have about money and its creation that is no longer helpful to you?

· What do you believe about yourself that no longer serves you concerning money?

· What do your friends and family members believe about money that makes you doubt your ability to generate it in a way that feels good?

· What do you think about people who have more money than they need?

· What do you think about you having more money than you need?

3: Not Identifying Your True Gifts

You may think you already know what you’re good at. After all, you’ve given yourself the label of dreamer, healer, creative, or freedom seeker. You have ideas associated with those labels that imply what you’re good at.

But what if you were to broaden your perception of your gifts? What if the gifts you have could be used in a completely different capacity than you’ve allowed yourself to believe? Your gifts could go much deeper than you think.

· What could you apply your talent to, that you’ve never thought about applying it to before?

· What is one thing that you’ve avoided trying, that feels completely repulsive to you that you could now use to benefit another?

· Are there levels to your gifts that you haven’t been willing to explore? Are you just skimming the surface of what you’re capable of?

· When you think about the things you’re good at or enjoy, are there common threads that run through them?

· What’s at the root of your gifts? What burning desire do they contain that you haven’t allowed yourself to see and act on before?

4: Not Seeing How You Already Create Income

It’s said that you have to see something to believe it. With that in mind, if you struggle to see where you are already generating income from doing something you love to do, then you’re going to struggle to create it.

So it’s time to ask yourself some insightful questions that will help you identify how you’re already creating an income from doing something you love.

· In your current paid position (if you have one) what aspect of that role do you really enjoy?

· Have you received payment in kind, for just doing the things you naturally do?

· Have you ever sold anything that you created from scratch? Yes even if you were only paid a pittance for it.

· Have you ever received financial assistance from the government, while you were looking for work? What did that assistance allow you to do that you enjoyed?

· Have you turned down opportunities to generate income in the past from doing something you love to do because you were too scared to take the leap?

5: Not Tapping Into Your Genius

We believe that geniuses are rare, that’s why they’re called geniuses right? They’re able to do things that us mere mortals are incapable of doing. They think in different ways, come up with brand new ideas, see beyond what is already here, to what could be, and have laser focus when it comes to their areas of interest.

But if we break down this description of a genius, we can all tap into our genius energy. We don’t have to be world leaders and change the world, we only have to be able to change our individual worlds.

· What can you do, that many of the people that surround you aren’t able to do?

· What do you take for granted as an ability that is in fact something unique to you?

· How could you create something that feels like a masterpiece to you? Something you didn’t think you were capable of creating.

· What brand new idea is whispering to you, that you’re too stubborn or too doubtful to pay attention to?

· When it comes to your areas of interest how laser-focused are you on creating what could be?

When you review these options you can see that they contain ideas, inspiration, a need for investigation, and a need to take some kind of action. They require you to think of yourself and your life in new ways.

They ask you to think differently, believe differently. They affirm you and encourage you. They suggest that not only are you capable of making money from doing the things that you love, but it is your birthright to do so.

Final Question

So the final question is: Are you going to stop identifying with the idea of yourself as someone who struggles to make money (or more money) from doing the things you love and allow yourself to explore what you're truly capable of?

Why not Book A FREE Discovery Session with me to find out what may be holding you back from making money (or more money) from doing what you love.


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