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The Heart Talks

Conversations with Inspiring, Everyday People

The idea for this short interview series The Heart Talks came while hosting my podcast as my alter ego, The Bajan (Barbadian) Empress. I wanted to have inspirational and insightful conversations with a twist and the twist, in this case, ended up being me hosting the shows as my alter ego The Bajan Empress. The Empress is funny, sweet, no-nonsense, very insightful, and puts guests at ease with her warming and relaxed persona. I hope you enjoy these inspiring conversations with extraordinary, everyday, people.

The Heart Talks with


Tune in to hear about NLP Business Coach Sharnette Donacien's humble beginnings in St Lucia, to graduating from Cambridge University and joining one of the most successful financial management companies in the UK, then giving it all up to follow her passion for helping others to achieve their dreams. Sharnette is a dream builder who helps people dream bigger and create tangible and comprehensive strategies for success. Find her at

The Heart Talks with


Neloo is a TEDx speaker, CEO of Peace Unleashed, host of Neloo TV, and co-host of Unleash Your Peace Podcast. After leaving a war-torn country and moving to America, with her family, Neloo found success but lost herself along the way, which led her on a 15-year spiritual journey to discover who she really was. Find Neloo at

The Heart Talks with


Stephanie and Jennifer Pagewise are Quantum Relationship coaches who share their fascinating and inspiring story of how they met, fell in love, broke up, had spiritual awakenings, got back together, and got married! Now, after finding their spiritual purpose, they support LGBT+ people to form healthy and spiritual love relationships.  Find them at

The Heart Talks with


Tune in to hear Trinidadian Climate Activist and Change-Maker Derval Barzey share her story of growing up in Trinidad to strict, but fair parents, who had the foresight to support their daughter having a non-traditional career in environmental care when it wasn't yet considered a viable career path.  Derval demonstrates the importance of following your purpose and doing the work you're born to do and shares the stories of the challenges she faced, and the wisdom she gained along the way. Find Derval at

The Heart Talks with


Tune in to hear podcaster and PR Consultant Corine La Font share her journey from Trinidad to Jamaica, initially 'to follow a man' but ending up finding her calling. After working for a prominent Jamaican newspaper as a staff writer, she gave it all up to enter the then untested world of becoming a VA which allowed her to work from anywhere in the world with clients from all over the world. She now has her own PR Consultant business, is a podcaster and speaker, and empowers others to cultivate self-love and share their wisdom.  Find Corine at

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