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Are You Ready for Transformational Coaching?

Updated: Feb 7

Take this quiz and find out.

This quiz isn't really about Transformational Coaching. It's more about you gaining clarity on where you are in your self-love and self-awareness journey when it comes to knowing you deserve a life you love

However, Transformational coaching can help you achieve your goals with greater ease, awareness and flow. It takes you beyond the surface of things. It supports you to connect with your innate wisdom, cultivate self-awareness and bring the fullness of yourself to your heartfelt goals. When your goals are in alignment with who you are, magic can happen.

Large horizontal question mark with lights inside

Take the quiz below to see if you're ready for transformational coaching and for the actions needed to create a life you love.

You have 4 options with each statement below.

Agree = 5 points

Somewhat agree = 3 points

Somewhat disagree = 2 points

Disagree = 1 point

Write down your score for each statement as you go through the quiz. Be honest and go with the first answer that comes up.


Q1. I am ready to create more balance in my life and cultivate good habits

Q2. I am ready to make real positive change and get excited about my life

Q.3 I am ready to commit to following my dreams

Q.4 I am ready to overcome self-limiting beliefs and behaviours

Q.5 I am ready to create plans and take action to get closer to achieving my goals

Q.6 I am ready to focus on the things that make me feel fulfilled

Q.7 I am ready to be kinder to myself

Q.8 I am ready to hold myself accountable for my actions

a lage heart on a windscreen made with finger with the words You Deserve A Life You Love written on it

Q.9 I am ready to do more of the things that make me happy

Q.10 I am open to trying new ideas instead of repeating things that aren't working

Q.11 I am ready to create a compelling vision for my life

Q.12 I am ready to look at my self-defeating behaviours

Q.13 I am ready to do the necessary work to achieve my goals

Q.14 I am ready to be completely honest with myself

Q:15 I am willing to cultivate unshakeable self-love

Q.16 I am ready to invest time, money, and energy to achieve my goals


Your Score: 16-20 points

You're not yet ready for transformational coaching. Pick 3 statements from the quiz above that you think you could be ready for with a little work, and explore what you'd need to change to become ready.

20-32 points

You could benefit from transformational coaching but may feel a lot of resistance to making the necessary changes. Pick 3 statements from the quiz above that you feel particular resistance to and begin to explore why that is.

33-48 points

You are definitely open to transformational coaching and can use it to create some major and positive changes in your life. You may need support to get to a place where you can fully embrace the ongoing work that is required.

49-80 points

You have the potential to really enjoy the playfulness, powerful questions, processes and inner work needed to get the most out of transformational coaching. If you're ready to find out more, even if you feel a little hesitant about some of the statements, then book your Free Discovery Session here.

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