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Image by Sharon McCutcheon


I Was Always A Dreamer!

If I'm honest, I was always a dreamer, even from a very young age. I thought that people who didn't want to live authentic lives and be their authentic selves were crazy!


Of course, I didn't have the language to express that as a child, but my intuition knew what was what! It expended a lot of energy trying to remind me of that over the years.


Those reminders showed up as me always seeking depth, substance, meaning, passion, and joyful creative expression in my life. I wanted to create without running myself into the ground. I wanted to live life on my terms. In my heart, I was most definitely a freedom seeker.

Then Life Happened...

In other words, I forgot to listen to what I knew instinctively, and to listen for, what I most needed. I'd listen to my inner whispers guiding me along my rightful path, and then I'd tell myself to get real!

I'd Follow My Heart and Then Betray It.

I did that one too many times until I ended up being fired from two totally unfulfilling jobs. I felt devalued, unappreciated, and frustrated. Yet the only one doing the devaluing, under-appreciating, and frustrating of myself, was me!

So Life Said: change or continue to suffer!

Eventually, I had to listen. I started out by deciding what a self-honouring life would look like, especially work-wise. I knew that I would have to work from home and that I would have to choose when and how I worked.


I started to create music again. I'd sung in several local bands in my 20's, but took a break that ended up being a decade long., then I started writing lyrics and singing again just for my own pleasure. This led to me creating my first album. It was a self-healing endeavour that allowed me to process and express a lot of inner frustration and trauma in a pleasurable way. I've created more music since then.

I culled toxic relationships from my life and began to truly honour my deepest and most heartfelt needs above all else. I'd finally learned to honour myself and my heart. I'd learned to value my gifts and passions.

I learned to trust my true power of being a way-shower and challenger of blindly accepted norms and oppressive societal conditioning. I embraced my abilities as a coach and a facilitator who supported others to release unloving and unhelpful misperceptions of themselves.

And now...

Here I am now supporting spiritual entrepreneurs, conscious creatives and freedom seekers. Allowing them to see and then shift, their limiting stories and beliefs. Helping them to truly get, that they deserve a life they love! Now I support them to go out and create that life.


If you'd like to book a completely free Discovery Session with me to explore how I can support you to achieve your most heartfelt goals then send me a message here.

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