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Image by Sharon McCutcheon

About Yve

Yve has a B.A. in Development Economics, a diploma in print, radio and web, journalism and is a certified transformational coach and workshop facilitator. She's highly creative and is an author, poet, singer and songwriter too.


Her spiritual path: The Path of the Open Heart, is her root and her foundation. She wanted a way to combine her skills, gifts and talents in ways that would not only inspire others, but that would allow her to bring the spiritual tools and practices that have facilitated her own inner healing, directly into her work.


With that in mind, she saw that focusing her work on Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Artists and Innovators, as well as Spiritual Seekers, allowed her to bring all of her skills, talents and gifts into play.


Those who feel most drawn to working with her tend to be multifaceted and multi-talented individuals who are looking to deepen their spiritual path, who often feel conflicted around money or success, and have core wound stories that seem to block their personal development and/or their spiritual growth.


Yve saw that each of these beings have areas in their lives where they struggle to allow growth, healing and/or prosperity and  knew she wanted to offer support in ways they would find deeply transformational and healing.


She also realised that those she felt most drawn to work with had a need to find their unique voice within the world or within the marketplace, a voice that felt authentic and reflected their particular life ethos or business values. They needed support that addressed the many pitfalls they faced when trying to navigate their core wound stories and that also supported them to experience authentic success and fulfilment in their lives.


Deciding to combine her unique creative expression, her powerful facilitation and coaching skills, and her passion for empowering others with her intuitive abilities; she now uses those gifts, talents and passions and combines them to provide transformative, relevant, and life-enhancing, support.


She offers transformational coaching, talks, workshops, and courses; where she uses her skills as an intuitive and a transformational coach to connect people to their innate confidence and knowing. She supports them to directly access the power of profound and unchanging love that is able to root out any area within them that is unwilling to receive pure, unconditional love, authentic joy and grounded success. She has a dynamic presence and an ability to inspire others to step up! and be all of who they are.


Yve is the author of: First Awakenings, a collection of life-transforming short stories and spiritual guidance, and 'Musings On the Path' A powerful sharing of the Path of The Open Heart through the medium of teachings, essays, poetry and even modern-day parables. She's had articles published in Ezine Articles, the Good Men Project, New Spirit Journal and Elephant Journal.

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