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Discovery Sessions

Discovery Sessions are where you come to connect, play, plan, release, clarify, be affirmed and lovingly but firmly challenged when you're focusing only on what is, rather than what could be. Then re-commit to yourself and your goals each week.

  • Connect: BE self-love, self-awareness and self-forgiveness

  • Play: Get excited about your goals

  • Release: Clean up inner blocks to success

  • Plan: Structure your goal/s into manageable steps

  • Clarify: Naturally identify your next step

  • Affirm: Receive encouragement, insight and feedback

  • Re-Commit: Honour your commitment to your goals

Getting you to have a dialogue with your body in order to access its wisdom while allowing me to ask your body insightful questions; is a major part of the work we do together. It empowers you to find your own answers and tap into your intuitive abilities. Listen to an example below.

I work primarily with people like you, who have long desired to create a life you love but have given up believing you deserve that life. You're someone who knows the importance of diving into your belief systems, fears and doubts, so you can shift your perspective and let go of outdated ideas about what's possible for your life.

Together we'll work to support you to take tangible steps towards your goals. Whether that goal is to find new love, improve your current relationship, get a better job, go for that promotion, start that business or start or complete that creative endeavour. We'll do this by
 identifying and clearing your inner blocks to success that may be actively stopping you from achieving your goals. 


Let me help you tap into your greatest strengths - your self-love, your intuition and inner wisdom, and show you how to apply them to your goals and action steps in a way that lets you experience the energies of ease and flow. 


If you resonate with being supported in this way but want to find out more before you invest in either Option 1 or Option 2 below. Book a completely free Discovery Session with me to explore how I can support you to achieve your most heartfelt goals. Send me a message here.



What Clients Have Said

"I would highly recommend to anyone who is ready to better themselves in their business, to take the opportunity to work with you, without delay!" 


"I have referred several people and will continue to do so because the results are tangible and swift.  I would describe this work as Transformational!"


"You know how to go really deep and yet that depth feels rich and so empowering. I feel transformed and I'm excited to take my next steps."


There are currently two options for booking Discovery Sessions: 

OPTION 1: six inspiring weekly sessions - You have a specific goal that can be realised relatively quickly.

For example, writing the first 3 chapters of your book, feeling confident enough to ask your crush out on a date, learning to tap into your intuition with more ease, taking steps to improve your current relationship, or moving on from a breakup. 

OPTION 2: Twelve inspiring weekly sessions with bi-monthly email check-in and feedback.


This option is great for goals that need a little more time to come to fruition e.g. shifting into a prosperity mindset, transitioning out of your current role, to a career that feels more fulfilling, creating a healthier lifestyle, etc.


Empowering You to Create A Life You Love

6 weekly sessions supporting you to take inspired steps towards your goal

Are you ready to take the first steps towards a goal or desire you've had for years but struggled to achieve it?

Isn't it time you took your first steps towards that goal by identifying what those first steps are and following through with the next step and the next?

Use these six dynamic coaching sessions to clarify, flesh out, plan and get excited about the steps you need to take. 


I'll be encouraging and supporting you to take those steps with greater ease and flow, and holding you accountable to follow through on your commitment to yourself.


You've had this desire for a long time, so if not now, then when?


12 inspiring sessions + bi-monthly email support

  • You're ready to level up! Playing small and denying what you deserve, just isn't working for you anymore.

  • You see what's possible but staying on track and taking each decisive step can feel hard.

  • You're ready to explore what taking those steps with greater ease and flow feels like.

  • The added bonus of my bi-monthly email support allows you to share your progress between sessions and receive feedback that helps you clarify and take your next steps. 

Reading on the Water

OPTIONS 3/4/5 -

Coming Soon!
6-week Group Coaching - Breakthrough to Authentic Success in Love, Money or Business!

  • A transformational group coaching program that focuses on connecting you with your innate wisdom

  • Deep diving meditations, insightful body dialogues, and amazing insights about you and your journey to success

  • Actively cultivate clarity around what's been holding you back and discover the hidden gifts in your inner blocks

  • Benefit from the group's energy to accelerate and enhance your growth.

  • Being around others also committed to creating success on their terms, helps to keep you focused and on track. 

  • A mixture of group and 1-2-1 coaching during sessions, and a clarity-inducing workbook, ensures you get the group and tailored support you need to achieve your goals

Image by Joel Muniz
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