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Discovery Sessions are an inner technology designed to shift you away from self-abandonment to self-love. As you progress on your outer journey you may then wish to explore your present circumstances or new presenting issue from a deeper perspective.

Discovery Sessions come in 3 tiers of 3 sessions each. There are  3 types of tiers - Deep, Deeper and Deepest. You start at tier 1 and then once the first tier is completed you can consciously choose if you wish to explore a brand new issue, from tier 1, or dive into a deeper perspective in tiers 2 and 3.

One of my gifts is the ability to connect you with your inner wisdom

I intuitively see and understand the common threads in your challenging life experiences and I support you through Discovery Sessions to begin to shift your perspective. You then begin to open up to receive and allow more nurturing experiences in the area you find most challenging. 

Once you understand the themes and patterns that have been showing up in your life, it's easier to begin to shift the issue or pattern and listen to and follow the guidance of your inner wisdom.


What Clients Have Said

It is always an experience working with Yve that without a doubt always produce shifts in my life. It is the means by which Yve does it that are both deep and uplifting.

M.A. Richards

"The piece I discovered about fear of my own divinity and it causing me to feel disconnected from clients, friends, and family, was key and really surprised me..."


"You know how to go really deep and yet that depth feels rich and so empowering. I feel transformed and I'm excited to take my next steps."



Empowering You to Create A Life You Love

Deep Discovery Tier One –
3 Sessions £299.99

What stories are you clinging onto that may be hindering you from achieving your goals?

Your presenting issue may be around your love, familial or work relationships, it may be to do with your creative goals, your career, or your finances.


In the first tier of your inner journey, we look at the surface issue presenting itself and explore what block needs to be identified and addressed in order to shift you from where you are to where you would like to be with regard to that issue.


  • Session 1 – Identifying what block is keeping you stuck

  • Session 2 – Shifting that block by accessing your inner wisdom

  • Session 3 – Consolidating the shift by creating a new story


Deeper Discovery Tier Two –
3 Sessions £299.99

What lessons are you being called to learn in this lifetime?

As you feel drawn to go deeper on your inner journey, you may feel called to explore presenting issues from a much deeper perspective. Welcome to tier two discovery sessions.


Now you are no longer simply trying to heal the presenting issue,  instead, you’re open to and willing to look at how Life has been guiding you to heal at deeper levels – whatever your presenting issue. Here you can open up to the lessons you are called to learn in this lifetime.

  • Session 1 – Identifying the multiple patterns at play in your life

  • Session 2 – Unravelling the common threads that weave the patterns

  • Session 3 – Shifting to a brand new empowering perspective

Reading on the Water

Deepest Discovery Tier Three –
3 Sessions £299.99

What is it that your soul most needs you to learn?

In Tier 3 discovery sessions you are ready to open up to an even deeper understanding of what you have come here to experience.


Have your life experiences been a blueprint for what you have come to learn at the deepest levels?  Could it be that you have been presented with the same issues in multiple lifetimes?


The patterns in your life that come up again and again (and again) to be looked at and healed, are pointing you to what your soul most needs you to learn.

  • Session 1 – Going from viewing your patterns to seeing your true purpose

  • Session 2 – Explore your purpose in multiple lifetimes

  • Session 3 – Embracing your purpose and surrendering to what life is trying to create through you.

Meditating on Bed

Book A Free 30 Minute Consultation

We go through life with many stories, beliefs, and expectations - expectations that don't always pan out. We may find ourselves feeling triggered as our circumstances activate some childhood fear or feeling of abandonment.


We may go as far as avoiding our painful emotions and putting on a brave front, just to keep those emotions pushed down. Yet when we push our pain down, we can also keep ourselves out of the flow of the blessings life wishes to bestow upon us.


We can then find ourselves blocked and try pushing repeatedly through that block until we're drained and stressed out. But now, we feel kind of stuck, and find ourselves falling back into old patterns. We then start berating ourselves but that just makes things worse. 


If that sounds like where you're at, contact me to book your free session.

In your free 30-minute session we'll take an overview of your current block, have a relaxed chat and see if we feel like a good fit at the end of the session. You also get to ask any questions you may have about Tier 1 Discovery Sessions.

If we feel like a good fit, then we'll agree time and dates for your Tier 1 Discovery Sessions and I'll send you a payment invoice. Once payment is received you'll receive a questionnaire where you can share your current block in greater detail in preparation for our Discovery Sessions.

Image by Alessandro Erbetta
Neloo 3.jpg

"You have this amazing ability to take all the stuff I was saying and pinpoint things that are important to call out and bring awareness to. You are so gifted at that." 

TEDx Speaker, Mental Health Advocate, CEO of Peace Unleashed, Host of Neloo TV and Co-Host of Unleash Your Peace Podcast

Neloo Naderi

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