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Discovery Sessions are where you come to play, plan, release, clarify, be affirmed and re-commit to yourself and your goals every week.

  • Play: Get excited about your goals

  • Plan: Structure your goals into manageable steps

  • Release: Clean up inner blocks to success

  • Clarify: Naturally identify your next steps

  • Affirm: Receive encouragement and boost self-belief

  • Re-Commit: Honour your commitment to your goals

Discovery Sessions come in three tiers: 

Silver Tier: 6 inspiring weekly sessions 

Gold Tier: 12 inspiring weekly sessions with bi-monthly email check-in and feedback

Platinum Tier: 12 inspiring weekly sessions with bi-monthly email check-in and feedback and an ease-building Strategic Action Plan


What Clients Have Said

"I would highly recommend to anyone who is ready to better themselves in their business, to take the opportunity to work with you, without delay!" 


"I have referred several people and will continue to do so because the results are tangible and swift.  I would describe this work as Transformational!"


"You know how to go really deep and yet that depth feels rich and so empowering. I feel transformed and I'm excited to take my next steps."



Empowering You to Create A Life You Love

Silver Tier –
6 Empowering Sessions £449.99

What goal or desire is haunting you, asking to be achieved?

It's a goal or desire you've had for a long time but you've struggled to honour it or achieve it.

Isn't it time you took your first steps towards that goal or desire? If not now, then when?


Gold Tier –
12 Sessions + bi-monthly email support £899.99

You're ready to level up! Playing small just isn't working for you anymore.

You see what's possible but staying on track and taking each decisive step often feels hard.

Are you ready to experience what taking those steps with ease and flow feels like?

With the added bonus of  bi-monthly email support, you'll be able to make the most of our time together.

Reading on the Water

Platinum Tier -
12 Sessions + bi-monthly email support + Strategic Action Plan £1200.00

The platinum tier allows you to receive the ongoing support you need to keep achieving your goals.

When that goal is clear, your next steps also become clearer.

Clarity leads to greater ease and flow and part of my role is to help you cultivate that clarity.

Not only do you receive the email support available in the Gold Tier,  but you'll also receive a uniquely tailored Strategic Action Plan that

causes you to take your next steps with a sense of positive anticipation and excitement.

Meditating on Bed

Book Your Free Discovery Session!

Not sure if you're ready to dive in? 


Book your free discovery session to see how I can support you to tap into your intuition, uncover your blocks and identify and take the first step towards your goal.

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