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Yve Anmore - Empowering Spiritual Life Coach

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Hi, I'm Yve and I'm a Spiritual Life Coach. I'm also an author, singer and songwriter. You can check out and/or purchase some of my music here. I specialise in helping creatives, mavericks, healers, and dreamers, to identify and achieve their goals by connecting with and then shifting the pain of the past in empowering and uplifting ways.


In our work together we'll identify and shift your unhelpful stories and reframe the challenging life experiences that may actively be holding you back. This empowers you to take charge of your future and create a life you love. 

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"Honour your feelings and release them as appropriate. This is not a task for you to learn to perform, you are simply asked to set this intention. As you do so, all that will assist you in that releasing and re-aligning will be made available to you." 

from my guide IRIA
Quoted from my book First Awakenings

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Book Empowering Discovery Sessions with Yve

  • ​Do you keep repeating the same toxic patterns in some area of your life?

  • Would you like to understand why you can't seem to shift that pattern and also discover its true purpose?

  • Are you ready to tap into your innate wisdom to get to the heart of the issue?

I have the ability to connect you with your inner wisdom. I also have a gift that allows me to intuitively see the common threads in your life experiences. These common threads have been guiding you to grow and help you heal any unloving perceptions of yourself. 

Whether it's a relationship, creative, spiritual, career or financial block, there's a purpose to what you're going through. Let's work together to unpack the deeper purpose of that experience and reveal the gifts and opportunities on the other side of that block.

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"Know that it is in this state of readiness for something better, something greater, something grander, to enter your life - that your teachers find you, and you, them. Beyond that, there is nothing you need do, but bless yourself and your creations."

from my guide IRIA
Quoted from my book First Awakenings

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An Empowering, Illuminating, and Entertaining Read!

This collection of empowering short stories speak to the often difficult truths of the many ways or reasons, people wake up to the knowledge that they are more than their physical form. 

They are designed to give you a glimpse into an unchanging truth. That truth is: You are here on a journey of remembering, assisted by guides from the unseen realms and by your own empowering inner guidance. 

These seemingly simple stories explore complex themes of grief, anger, depression, sexuality, finding your purpose and your soul family. The language used contains symbology that speaks directly to the subconscious mind. This causes the loving wisdom that the book contains to increase the reader's self-awareness and self-love. 

 Interspersed between each chapter is thought-provoking and profound guidance that builds on and deepens the wisdom shared throughout the book. See if you can find a version of your own story between these pages and may you then be inspired to step into a deeper experience of who you truly are. 


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