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Your Gifts Are Your Gateway

Our gifts are the way we get to gift the world with our presence. When we do not honour them, then we’re essentially saying that others’ gifts also have no meaning. For if our gifts have no meaning, how can anyone else’s?

Now we may try to disagree with that by saying that others are more developed at sharing their gifts. But we can counter that by saying others may be more honouring of their gifts. They take the time to identify, focus on and develop those gifts.

Our gifts are our gateway to a greater sense of freedom and fulfilment on earth. When we understand that we have been given certain talents and skills for a reason - to share them with others for example, then honouring, owning and celebrating them, becomes so much easier.

Our gifts might be creative, or practical, intuitive, or tactical. They might be organisational, or esoteric. They might be family or societally, oriented. They may be better aimed at one person at a time, or more effective when shared with many. For as many, as there are of us here on the planet, there are as many ways we can share our gifts.

Whatever our gifts might be, they’re our gateway to a greater sense of freedom. They are the way that life guides us to the right circumstances, situations, people and experiences. Therefore when we attune to and develop them, it’s so much easier for us to follow the breadcrumbs life places at our feet.

Ø How much are you honouring your gifts, skills and talents?

Ø How much focus do you place on developing them?

Ø What time is set aside to express them?

Ø How has life been trying to guide you to express them even more?

Ø How fulfilled do you really feel, when you don’t honour them?

Ø What more can you do right now, that honours them even more?

In answering these questions, you’ll see what you need to do next. It might be going within and trusting your intuition (that’s always a good thing to do anyway!) It might be taking up that hobby again. It might be taking that course, buying that equipment, taking that time off that you promised yourself.

Whatever it is can you commit to it? Can you commit to yourself? And if you feel any block, any block at all, around making that commitment, know that it’s an indicator of where you are not honouring what you came here to share. Explore your fears with loving presence. That is always the gift that our fears need.


Why not book a Discovery Session with me, to work through any blocks you have to developing and sharing your gifts?

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