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Conversations With An African Shaman

This post is based on my interview with Odi Oquosa on my podcast Conversations with Yve Anmore

How does an urban clothes designer morph into a shaman and a PhD researcher studying the effects of disenfranchising symbology?

These are the topics I explore in episodes one and two of my new podcast Conversations With… And in this case, it’s a conversation with Nigerian-born shaman, artist, healer and PhD researcher with a Masters in Social Work, Odi Oquosa.

I’ve known Odi for many years and though I know much of his personal journey there were many things I didn’t know. So it was fascinating for me to hear him share how a traumatic event morphed into a spiritual awakening.

This awakening - which included being diagnosed with schizophrenia, led him to recognise that he had a natural ability to connect with the ancestors and understand the language of nature’s symbology instinctively.

His creativity blossomed and flourished and he started to paint, sculpt and even learned Blacksmithing so he could create a specific piece of art that turned out to be a key component of The Continuum.

In the interview below we discuss his personal journey and how he came to create his psycho-spiritual healing modality The Sixth Sense Continuum - which includes a physical representation of The Continuum’s teachings and principles.

These physical elements are made from very simple materials such as wool, wood and iron. They can at first glance seem chaotically created, but they perfectly represent the earthy nature of his art and how he honours the spirit of his ancestors and his ancestry.

Conversation with an African Shaman Part 1

Tune in to Part 1 to hear Odi’s personal journey, and learn about his PhD research into the disenfranchising symbology in his current hometown and the further negative symbology used by colonialists. Then watch as we dive into the seven components of The Sixth Sense Continuum.

Conversation with an African Shaman Part 2

In part 2 of the interview, we look at the practical application of The Continuum. For example, how can we use it to deal with racism and a bullying boss? And how can we tap into nature’s healing power through the power of symbols?

If you enjoyed the interviews and you’d like to find out more about Odi, his art and The Sixth Sense Continuum, you can go to Odi’s website.

If you’d like to watch new episodes of my podcast Conversations With Yve Anmore then just click on the link to subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can also listen to new episodes wherever you get your podcasts.

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